Knitting Crazy

I am knitting hats as fast as I can for a friend. She is making things for the local children who have been deserted by our state. The state just finally passed its budget. However many agencies as well as police and other state workers have been without paychecks since early summer. Don't cha just love it when the lawmakers let people suffer????? Yeah. Me either.

So my friend and her husband have been trying to help in many ways and getting warm items to the children is one of them. Thus here I knit. And knit. And hurry up and knit some more. Pictures soon.

I was searching for hat patterns this afternoon because I got so bored with the few I have. And came across Lion Brand's website. Then I slapped my head because I know about their website and completely forgot how many great patterns they have FOR FREE. Folks, if you like to knit or crochet run quickly to their website and have a blast. I did.

Here is tonight's choice: You may have to sign up to get into the site. If so, here is a picture stolen from them.

I could not resist that child's face.
How about you?

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