Because I can't think

The title started to be because I can't think of anything else. Then became Because I can't think of anything. Finally I realized the truth.

It is getting harder to yank myself up by the bootstraps these days. I know a lot of people feel the same way. I don't usually let the blues hang on this long. But as I said, it is getting harder. Perhaps because I don't wear boots in the summer and my boots don't have straps. My husband's boots have straps but I never wear them. Even in winter. Hmm.

That last paragraph is proof that the title is oh so true.

I have been using a few blogs as drugs these days. Beauty is always a mood elevator for me. So here are a few links that make the mornings better.

My Marrakesh

The Pioneer Woman

Coal Creek Farm especially check out Clay's contributions...and the videos

YouTube as if you did not know this one

If you like piano and cello then do go here. Jon Schmidt

That is it for right now. There are others but I cannot overwhelm you with my verboseness.

Is that a word?

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