Hiding Under a Rock

I have been hiding from the world. This has helped.

Tomorrow I am off to hunt for this. HIM is in desperate need of a new recliner. His is listing badly to the right, the leg rest won't lift, it has a huge hollow in the seat. Yet he still insists it is just fine. It has to be a man-thing.

I am avoiding doing this:
As crazy as I am about knitting, especially socks, I can't make myself pick up the needles. Scary.

I forgot to buy these today. We ended up eating fish patties. According to my guys it is NOT okay to substitute fish patties for weiners. They are not happy.

I tried to appease them with fresh corn on the cob. They still are not happy but I get to live.

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birdgirl1 said...

yea!!!!!! I have missed your posts! Birdgirl