Do You Know Where?

I have been searching through all my books and booklets for the lace edges patterns and cannot find them. Now I do have a lot of books. And booklets. And single patterns. One and one half full sized book cases full of them. I keep my books and booklets fairly well organized. Usually. So why can't I find the books and booklets of edging patterns? Knitted edges. Crochet edges. Tatted edges. NOTHING. Not one single book or booklet? It is as if some quite mean pattern Brownie came sneaking around and stole them.

If I catch that imp I will make it pay. And pay. I have heard that revenge is sweet.

In the meantime I am a bit desperate. I am on a hankie-edging craze and NEED MY PATTERNS !

Does anyone know where I can locate lace patterns for hankies? I would especially like to locate knitted patterns. I really don't need another hobby but bobbin lace-making is looking pretty darn interesting right about now.

I get like this when I am avoiding painful issues. And this Spring has brought with it too many of those. In March my mother passed away. It wasn't sudden although it was quick. She was ready. We (the rest of the family) were not ready. It was peaceful though so we were and are grateful.

Now we are reeling from another blow. Her sister, our Aunt Shirley passed away last week. It feels as if we all were in a football game and we were the ball.

So we pick ourselves up and put one foot in front of the other. Each finding something to keep us going while the healing process takes it time. I find myself seeking for pretty things to keep my hands and mind occupied. In this case it is making lace edges for hankies. Except I cannot find my patterns.

This morning I will clip all the lilac blooms and hang them to dry. Then I will tear apart the bookshelves again. And again.

I need to find those patterns!!!!!

Anyone? Please? It would save my family from expressions of angst.

They need saving.

Thanks. From them and me.

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