The Cousin and I are well rounded women. Well endowed, you might say.

The Cousin has this creative way of conversing on the phone while she works. She uses the endowments to hold the phone. Now that is really entertaining when on the opposite end of that phone call. Especially when the endowments push buttons. Have you seen the commercial with the man whose butt makes phone calls?

While chatting this afternoon we discussed the devices that the endowments can hold. There are many. I have taken the Cousin's idea and begun to use it myself. But what about those women less well endowed?

Bra Pockets !

You heard it hear first.

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Chelsea the Yarngeek said...

I love the usefulness of my "endowments". They are great for holding the tiny crochet hook in between beading stitches, that ever disappearing tape measure (as long as you remember it's there), and a cold soda can in the summer. :)