One of Those Days

I make yogurt.

It is easy.

Except when it isn't.

I put warm water and instant powder milk into the blender. I put my hand over the top. I flipped the switch and showered the kitchen counter and me with milk.

Come On! You know that was funny.

So I cleaned up all the spills and drips and put the lid on the blender. Yes, sometimes I learn from my mistakes. The milk was blended for a few seconds and I added the three tablespoons of yogurt from the last batch. A quick flip of the switch then pouring the yogurt mix into the yogurt maker, plug it in and one quart is now cooking. This is easy except for the blender mess so I decide to experiment. More water and powder milk. Lid back on. Another quick process and more yogurt into the batch. This one really foamed. Clear to the top of the blender. And some of the liquid spilled again. Once again I clean up the mess and put the bowl under the spigot. And another spill. Cleaned that mess up. Put a quart sized measuring cup under the spigot and carefully put that in the bowl. Pulled some plastic wrap out of the box and tried to tear that. It wouldn't slice and in my struggles I upset the bowl. One more time. I cleaned up the mixture. Made more. Put it into the bowl and very carefully struggled with the stupid plastic wrap again. This time I succeeded and the bowl is now in the oven baking.

I don't remember having this much trouble making yogurt.


I promised to make cole slaw for the guys. Now I am afraid to approach sharp objects.

Do you think the curse may be lifted by tomorrow?

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