Emails from the Cuz

Sorry Cuz, but this was too funny not to post...

Good day girls,
I was finally able to get some pics of the Hairy Woodpecker. I've been thinking about what an interesting lot birdwatchers are. Today I smeared lard, peanut butter and cornmeal on my pine tree on purpose. Then, I filled the thistle socks with seed using my canning funnel and an old wiley volleyball plastic cup. Then I caught the cat eating the woodpecker food and shot him with a marble with my sling shot which promptly broke and snapped me in the nose. Then I came in and wiped the tears from my eyes and realized that I had been filling the kitchen sink with hot water and soap in order to do dishes and I had forgotten about it while tending to my birds and the cat and had suds spilling over into the other sink and the floor. My my. What an interesting hobby. I can imagine what my antics would look like to someone in a bystander position. Oh yes, then there are the times when I go outside and measure the air with a ruler trying to figure out exactly how big a bird might have been. We can't forget the times when I have gone outside to water the birds in the early morning and a chance gust of wind blows my nightgown up up up. Good thing I live in the country!! That is it from the FUNNY FARM for now.

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