What I just found

I am usually way behind the crowd. That happens when someone tends to wander off the beaten path. My friend calls it 'following the bunny trails'. Or 'mind-wandering'. Or being bored. Or curious. Or just being a loner. I can't claim to be ADD because that would imply energy and I am not that enthusiastic. But I do tend to wander in wonder at what is over the next hill.

All that to say that I just 'discovered' CraftSanity.

Okay, I am slow.

Done laughing at me?

So there I was looking at the pretty photos (because I can't be bothered to read) when I spied this: (Nov. 16th; scroll down) (pattern link)These are so very cute and clever and will make wonderful package decorations. I always make something for the outside of Christmas gift boxes so these will be great. I plan on giving one of them a black eye. That one will be for the brother.

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