So how about a little negativism?

Well, first how about a little praise?

Ravelry is an great site. There are thousands of folks who are members and love it. It certainly does what it set out to do and so much more.

But I really dislike what it has done to knitting websites. I am a member and have been for a long time. But....

Have you ever gone to someone's personal website only to be told that if you want to see the photos or the pattern you have to join Ravelry? Have you joined Ravelry because it is the only way to be involved now? It just reeks to me of elitism. Lets have a club and keep everyone else out. Yes, I know that anyone can join. But do I have to join? Before Ravelry folks created and gave away patterns and ideas freely. It has always been a knitter's and crocheter's trait. Folks teach others to knit or crochet. Or spin or any other craft. Then they teach them tricks and tips. And they share patterns and ideas. And information on fibers. But now it all seems to have changed. People are trying to sell their patterns and other information rather than share. There is nothing wrong with selling your products. But whatever happened to the love of the craft? The joy of helping someone else learn and become obsessed with fiber and color and design?

So now, like so many other areas of life, commercialism reigns.

It is a disappointing thing.

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LizzieK8 said...

It is a little frustrating with the Ravelry Only patterns.

Anyone can join the club. I mean you have to join Lion Brand if you want their free patterns.

Although there are lots of ads, I don't find it terribly commercial.

I like what Ravelry has to offer to me for keeping track of my projects, groups of people I want to stay in touch with and tons of inspiration from what others have made.

The few Ravelry Only patterns don't bother me all that much...