I am not a joiner.

And I don't like seaming sweaters either. Now the first has nothing to do with the second. Except that confusion is amusing.

I was just remembering a funny incident (well it was funny to me!). Here I sit sipping McD's coffee because I have the best husband ever! and reading blogs because this early in the morning my brain is still on Don't Turn On The Lamp mode. Yes 8am is TOO early in the morning and this is W. PA. It is still dark outside. And wet.

Yesterday HIM and I were discussing how the Gov. (that means governor, not government) announced that we were in a drought. And that we needed to cut back water consumption by 1/3. I wondered how in the world I was going to do that! Stop washing clothes? It is NOVEMBER for pete's sake! I am not watering the flowers this time of year. Oh, maybe DS (sometimes known as HIM junior) could stop taking showers........

Oh, bad idea!

It rained Friday evening. It rained Sunday night. It is raining now. How is this a drought?

Anyway, back to the funny incident.

One very warm summer day the family was visiting at the brother's house for a picnic. It was a beautiful day and we were all inside because we are like that. The sister was asleep on the sofa when the brother snuck up to her, put shaving cream on her hand, and snuck away. Then he giggled a lot waiting for her to do the inevitable.........And she did. Smacked herself with a handful of shaving cream.

No, that was not the funny part.

The funny part was when she tasted it to see if it was whipped cream.

Watching her face and watching her dash for the kitchen to spit out the shaving cream was very funny.

Yes, I am cruel.

Come on! Wouldn't you have laughed?

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