Honestly, I have been knitting

Sometimes I get so caught up in one project that I hate to stop for any reason. Especially things that just don't appeal to me. Such as cooking dinner. Thankfully I have a crockpot, a microwave, a rice cooker, an electric skillet (for when the I catch the oven on fire), and now a Vita-Mix. I picked up this little wonder from Ebay. It is old but in great condition and darn it all, it is fun. I made ice cream a few days ago. It took just minutes and was very tasty. And very messy. I can make a mess in seconds. I had purple juice on the counter, the floor and me. My fingers were purple for days even after washing dishes several times. I had to soak my dress to get the stains out.

Why yes, I am a clutz.

But I do have a lot of fun.

Back to knitting. This month I began to get back into the swing of things. Two pair of socks done. A shawl soaking and about to be stretched. And the Son's sweater. I put off starting this sweater for two months but now I am really into the groove. It is going way to fast. The yarn is Cascade 220. LOVE this stuff. I must find a sweater pattern for this yarn for my sister. And since we have snow on the ground (do you hear the nasty words I am muttering?) I had better get that pattern and yarn quickly. The only good thing about cold, wet weather is that folks appreciate knitted gifts.

Now if only I could be knitting all these things while sitting on the beach, soaking up sun and warmth. Perhaps St. Johns? And if I can get there before the elections, now that would be ideal.

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