Got Shot

Yes I did. In the left arm. By the Pharmacy Assistant.
And I said thank you.

She was sweet and it did not hurt. And hopefully I will soon be armed against the flu.
(Yes, that was a pun)

No photos.

I did not get any of the foliage either.

We did manage to go West to pick up the Son from work, go NW for a very early dinner, go East for an emergency stop back home, SE to get the Flu shots, and finally NW to home again. A good bit of running here and there but all of it useful and some of it practical. The day was just too pretty to spend indoors. All too soon the view will not be red, green, brown, dappled. It will be black, grey and white. For much too long. Winter is useful. I just keep telling myself that. And sighing.

It is fundraising season around here. The time when I get to see the neighbors and their children. Four year olds raise funds for toys and outings from day care. 7 year olds raise funds for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Older children raise funds for Field Trips, special equipment. With all we pay in school taxes, there are always more fundraisers. Now if only they chose different companies with different offerings. But just how many boxes of candy can one use?

I think I will rest my weary brain with some sock knitting and a movie. I really love my new needles.

Yarn. What a great invention.

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