That is not a misspelling. I am singing. Which helps me procrastinate. Not that I need help. I am an expert at avoiding. When that doesn't work, I misdirect. Failing that I give in and do the least that I can do. Which is why I don't have photos today.

So now please imagine.......

Today HIM and I went shopping. It was a really pretty day with the sun shining through my encrusted van windshield. Swishing and squirting made some very interesting designs but did little to help us see. That was probably a good thing anyway. This is just way too early for all the autumn foliage color on the trees and ground. It was a mild 68°F which made the van warm, cozy. We went to the nearest city to visit our nearest YARN STORE ! I just have to shout that a few times. YARN STORE ! Just a little over 10 miles away.

And it was closed.

So far I am not loving this 'closed' thing. HIM laughed when I growled. I may have barked too. Drat, I wanted those needles! And more yarn. Although I really have too large a stash now. The problem is that the sister-in-law can't tolerate many fibers. Bamboo is her fiber and I need some in a heavy worsted weight. Does anyone know where I can find a heavy worsted weight bamboo yarn? I can hold two strands together if I can find a good yarn, but three is really pushing it. Or pulling it. Or knitting it. Oh, whatever..... Of course I am in a hurry because Christmas is really approaching way too fast. It is all this autumn falling leaves thing. Christmas would not rush me if the weather is hot. Therefore I need to move south. Far south. Chile? New Zealand? Either some mountain Guanaco or Vicuna ranching? Or sheep ranching? Or both?

Okay, so I am sleep deprived and spinning daydreams. Which is the only spinning I am doing since I have not yet convinced HIM to make a spinning wheel. I did however purchase plans for a spinning wheel. And a windmill. And a crossbow.

I told you I was sleep deprived.

But please, can you explain to me why I bought a used Vita-Mix?

No, I don't know either.

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