Boiled Ass

Someone with an interesting and inventive mind created the phrase boiled ass to indicate how lace looks.

I think it looks more like boiled ramen noodles. Those are my brand new Knit Picks Harmony interchangeable needles and I love them. I had tried making this Turkish Stitch Bag with several different metal ones and invented a few nasty words in the process. After the sixth time the stitches slid off the needles I knew I needed help. Crochet cotton is darn slippery.

Now how does this look to you?

Notice anything about it?

Want a closer look?

Yes. After finally getting the thread to stay on the needles long enough to actually make most of the bag, I knitted the stitch marker into the bag. I could frog or tink and reknit.

Or I could just cut the darn thing with scissors.

Your guess?

1 comment:

birdgirl1 said...

Cut it and tie it. Nobody will notice but you!!! Li