City Living

Today was a day for shopping. DH decided that we needed to pick up a few items. So we drove about 15 miles to the son's place of work to pick him up first. Since it takes the bus 2 hours to get him home (the same 15 miles) we thought he would appreciate the pick-up. And he did. He had a huge grin for us.

Then we drove the 10 miles further to the shopping area. We visited Auto Zone, Lowes, Staples, Radio Shack. Each store is about 1/2 mile from each other. Nothing in this area is close. There is plenty of land and the stores spread out. It is mostly a pretty area. Lots of trees and grass and plenty of fields and farms. We spent some time watching a hawk ride the thermals upward so high that he eventually disappeared from our vision without once flapping a wing. Amazing.

After our shopping we had a nice leisurely ride home. I took a few photos.

Just as we pulled into the driveway DH mused about the thresher we followed. He wondered where it came from?

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