Favorite Meals

I was thinking about cooking and favorite meals recently. Especially when I attempt a new recipe. Then discover that the guys are not happy with the results. (Men, they are so picky !)

I don't like to cook. I like to eat though. So I have a stand-by meal for when I just don't want to try another recipe. This is so very simple and tasty.

Green Beans and Ham

Two cans of green beans
Pieces of ham or a ham bone with meat

Separate the beans from the broth. Put the broth into a dutch oven. Put the ham pieces or ham bone with meat into the dutch oven and add enough water to simmer the meat. Keep an eye on the water and don't let it get too low. Simmer for about half an hour. Remove the bone and take the meat from it. Put the meat back in the broth. Now add as many peeled, cubed potatoes as you think your crew will eat. I try for leftovers. Don't cut the potatoes too small or they will turn to mush. Cook until the potatoes are soft. Add the green beans and simmer until the beans are hot. The ham may be very salty so don't add salt and pepper until the end of the cooking time. Taste-test first.

That is it. Simple but tasty and it gets a nod of approval from my guys. I like a crusty bread with this. It sops up the broth well.

So, what is your favorite dish?

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