Cabin Fever

I have it.

It is becoming more difficult to start anything. Very difficult to finish anything. And I want to complain all the time.

So, countermeasures are needed.

I could buy a boat-load of yarn. Preferably from Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, Canada, Peru....anywhere that isn't US territory. A rainbow of wooly wonder might just kick me out of this ennui. And of course also purchase every type and brand of needle in every size. Because knitting needles also contain magic properties. I could buy accessories and software and patterns. Books. Many many books. I love books.

Or I could not buy all that stuff and save the money to heat the house next year. Now that is going to be an interesting situation considering the price of fuel.

But the wool could be knit into warm clothing and we could forgo the heating fuel.

Then again, some of the money saved could be used for food. Nice warming food. Soup and stew type food. And chocolate. Rich deep dark chocolate. Mmmmmm.

Well these thoughts just got me through the last few minutes. What do I do with the remaining hours of the day?

I think I will go online shopping for yarn.

And needles.

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