Brain Drain

I am having another one of those days. The kind that feels like walking through syrup. Just how do you pronounce syrup? See-rup or Sir-rup? Hmmm. I may as well think about these things because thinking about anything important is dangerous.

I managed to install HIM's new dvd drive without a hitch. Showed HIM how to burn some photos. Get the family fed. Do other odds and ends. Yesterday.

Today I have managed to reknit the second sleeve cuff twice. And I did it wrong again. It is a good thing HIM brought home Chinese food for dinner. I wouldn't trust anything I cooked today.

Now just what is it about 24 hours that can change a person from fully functioning to brain-slush?

Oh. Yeah. I didn't sleep last night.

Okay, nevermind.

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LizzieK8 said...

I say Sir-up. It's probably a regional thing like warshcloth and washcloth. :)