Shhhh, I am counting !!!!

I thought I was finished with Christmas knitting.

Ha. Silly me.

I picked up Pretty as a Peacock again and absofreekin' LOVE it. I am only on Chart B row 42, but it is so much fun to knit. And I want this done and blocking. And then there are the scarves to finish (Palindrome) and start (Liesel). And the sweaters (3) that are started but not finished. And I want to make more dishcloths. And I joined several (I am insane) shawl and stole KALs. And Sockamania's KAL. Because I really am insane. Or I have had too much caffeine. Or both.

So, is there help? Perhaps I need to ban myself from Knitting Blogs (You all are pushers) and Ravelry.

Speaking of Ravelry (evil, evil, evil) I framed my 'I Swatched Ravelry' T-shirt. I love it as artwork.

Photos will follow when I put down the needles long enough to clean a surface suitable for photographing.

I need more hours in my day. And a cleaning lady. And a cook. And more money. And more hands.

Gosh, I am having fun.

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Ann said...

The button you requested is on my blog--thanks for the noodge!