There is a local radio station that calls itself Froggy 97. Ribbit.

I spent part (a large part) of this morning ripping back a sweater. Row by row. I had put it into cold storage (freeze, sucker!) for over two years. But this year is the year to pull those cryo-projects out and thaw them. I could not figure out where I had left off. I had marked and saved the number of rows. However some of the marks were crossed out. Had I ripped back? What had I done and where the heck did I leave off? Drat. Procrastination is so annoying!!! Finally, out of desperation and the realization that I had managed to tink back row after row and was still completely lost; I gave up and gave in. I am going to start all over again. This time I will start with the sleeves in the hopes that I can create a reproducible striping pattern.

Side note: Ever since I read the Yarn Harlot's account of Canadian spelling versus American spelling, I have the almost uncontrollable urge to say arse. A lot.

I would post a picture of the pattern, but I seem to have misplaced the magazine.

Oh, Wait! It is not a magazine pattern. It is from Vermont Fiber Designs. I think I chose it because of the yarn color. But the design really appeals to me. I have a thing for sage.

Speaking of things I have a thing for....

I am madly in lust over this:

There is some serious lusting going on.

I want to wrap my hands around this and caress it and ........


And then there is always

What more can I say?

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