Saturday before Christmas

I am tired. Due to HIM who works nights, we left for last-minute shopping at 6am. That means that I had to be up, dressed, ready to go by 6am. There is not enough coffee in the world to make that enjoyable. But the weather was reasonably warm (38°F) and clear. Traffic was light. The store was fairly empty. And the most surprising thing of all was that we were the only folks in the check-out line. That has never happened before. I celebrated with a nice omelet and cup of tea at the near-by restaurant. It was interesting to watch the crowds surge into the store as we were leaving. Gratifying and worth a snicker.

The best part was that after much searching elsewhere, I was able to finally purchase ribbon for wrapping the presents. It was just odd that there was no ribbon anywhere else. Can't figure that one.

We (HIM and I) had an interesting conversation about toys on the way to the store. We were discussing toy cars and how the Son loved them and played with them for so many years. Then suddenly they were of no more interest. He still has many of them in a box. But never pulls them out. I suggested that men grow up and buy bigger toys. Then they marry and have children. Thus enabling them to buy the toy cars again for those children. And then spending years on the floor with the toy cars (and the children).

Do men really get over playing with cars?

When we returned home, the Son was playing a game on his computer.

It was Trucks.

Enlarge for the full effect.

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