dy Sul, mis Gwynngala hwetek

With the finish (finally) of the Feather and Fan socks I feel a great accomplishment. That darn sock pattern was trying to do me in! But I beat it into submission. So there!

Now I have this beautiful Hill Country Yarn Sweet Feet in Periwinkle to make up.

These photos are of the Seduction Socks in Posh Lucia.

And this is the first of the Hill Country Yarn sock club delivery. Whew. So much beauty. I may need to disconnect from the web to keep from Debtor's Prison.

Now for the dilemma. What patterns do I use?

My current choices are:

Sweet Pea Socks by Holly Oshesky. Sorry, I can't link this. It is a club exclusive.

Beaded Swirl Socks by Jackie Ericson-Schweitzer

Lombard Street Socks by Susan Pierce Lawrence

Meida's Sock by Nancy Bush


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GaietyGirl said...

What yarn did you use for your Pirate washcloth?
Stylecraft Craft cotton in ecru. It's not the best ever, but it knits up ok. I'm hoping to load up on Peaches n Cream when I'm in NYC though :)

That periwinkle yarn is gorgeous, btw. I think I'd be awkward and do the swirl socks without the beads. I'm not a fan of beads in socks, at least not for regular use.