Merkredo, Aùgusto ses

Monday. Is it over?

For all of last week's efforts, this was what I accomplished:
It is a bottle cozy. I knit it four times. FOUR bloomin' times. And then I tried to felt it twice. Plus I put it in the dryer. It is pure wool. It did NOT felt. Last week was such a bust that I gave up knitting.

What is on my hook?:This is just two days of crocheting. It doesn't look like much but since I cannot describe what it will be, you will have to assume that it is actually something good. Trust me (bwa ha ha) it is something good. And it isn't frogable knitting.

The white band is what wasted my morning. Driving many miles in drizzle, losing any possible modesty, being poked with a sonar wand, and dodging a stranger's seven rowdy children was not exactly what I wanted to do. Good news? I did not actually hurt any of the dwarfs. But I did indulge in a bit of fantasy mayhem.

Just why is it that of three technicians, two of which are female, I got the male tech?

And he was cute too.

This is what tortured me last week. I am still considering their fate. It will involve pain.

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