Keskiviikko, Heinäkuu, Neljä Kaksi

I love a rainy day. It did not rain, but I love them anyway. I love getting wet and dripping water off my hair and clothes and nose. Yes, I am strange. But I love it. When I am much older (shhhh, Cuz) I suppose someone will think I am insane and try to drag me inside where it is dry. Too bad.

Last evening was a surprising Go-to-the-Drive-In night. Surprising because we found a great spot to park between two of the 5 (yes, I said FIVE) screens. Because both features on both screens were acceptable films (my standards apply here). And because the other attendees were polite, quiet, non-cursing, non drug-smoking. All of those things at one time! Shocking. It was the nicest night out to see a movie that I had in a long time. I think I am still in shock. No cell phones ringing and glaring in my eyes. No loud conversations out-talking the actors on-screen. I may try this again soon.

There were some fireworks in the distance as well.

The only disadvantage is the lack of knitting that got done. I am so far behind with Denmark. This pattern is just weighing me down. I must force myself to work on it and get it done before Friday. Which is not going to happen because tomorrow the DH and I are going to a movie.


He took a week off to get to some work around the house.


Well he did cut down some trees. Not any trees that I want down. He has his own agenda. And of course not all of his trees are down. But he did cut just enough to make himself feel justified in taking a week off.

Is there a rule that a hard-working man needs an excuse to take time off? And is there a rule that week need be filled with more work? ......I just don't get it. Which is probably a good thing.

Now as to the movie-going. I think he is feeling guilty that staying at-home means I have to cook. I like this one. He can feel guilty for making me cook. He can feel this guilt any time he wants to. I will encourage this guilt. And any act of contrition as well.

But another movie? Maybe I can persuade him that yarn would be a better idea.

And books.

And dinner out.

And a spinning wheel.

OH NO! The Yarn Harlot is contagious! Get thee behind me, YH.

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Anonymous said...

The movie sounds nice. I remember going to the drive in with my parents. It was a double feature. During the second film THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY, I woke up to lots of snoring and heavy breathing cause we were all asleep. It was funny. L