Heinäkuu, Kaksikymmentäkuusi, Torstai

Wow, when things rain.....everything gets wet.
It is a just-right rain too. Gentle and sweet smelling. One of those 'ahhhhh' rains that freshen the air. And then the humidity level climbs. The good and the bad. The grass has greened and is growing. The dandelions are giant sucking yellow-headed monsters. Pretty amidst the green. Weeds are good. Weeds would be better without the pollen. Poor DS is sneezing. And sneezing.

And sneezing.

And sneezing.

I downloaded Lion Brands' natural dyeing tutorial and added it to the small but growing list of natural dyeing techniques. That is an up-and-coming project. What fun!

I need some extra time to warp the loom that The Most Wonderful Cousin Ever loaned me. Now that I have a book on Rigid Heddle Weaving. (Yeah !)

I am so far behind on my SOS 07 goals that I may just give up trying to catch up.

Nah, I am too stubborn to just give up.

AND I just got another package from Knit Picks.
They are so amazingly fast. I am crazy about their Options needles, especially with the newer metric sizes. Plus now I have some Jacquard dyes to practice, and some Bare lace weight yarn and a plan. (This could be very amusing.)((Pictures may follow))

And 8 skeins of Wool of the Andes for a secret project.

I love secret projects.

Now, how do you store your Knit Picks DPN's?


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