Vingt-et-quatre, Mai, Jeudi. Joyeux anniversaire!la mère, Maman

This is one half of Tropical Breeze:
Thankfully I am knitting the heel. It was a great knit with really lovely yarn. But I am so ready to move onto something else. Which is already on the needles. A baby blanket in some soft pastel fuzzy stuff. Tunisian Stitch. The mittens are calling me to cast-on. But there is not enough pressure yet to force me into it. I will need traveling knitting for Monday though. Maybe then.

More books arrived. More ideas for more projects cascading from the eyes to the hands. More hands needed. And some sleep. Sleep would be good.

Now, go tell Witchy Mama what a great deal she got and how her first spinning is beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

The socks are beautiful!! I am in awe of your ability to do those patterns. Wow. One day Linda. One day. CUZ