Ensoleille' Lundi, Vingt-et-un, Mai

You May Be A Knitter If

Your husband has one book on auto repair,
Your children have three school books and a teen magazine
You have three floor to ceiling bookcases full of knitting books and some stacked on the floor

Your recipe file contains 3x5 cards on yarns and pattern changes but nothing about food

Your teen daughter borrows your blouse
Your husband uses the good silverware knife for an emergency screwdriver
But no one would ever touch the yarn falling across the television screen

You remember your current sock project but forget the cake for your mother's birthday that you spent hours decorating.

You agree to go to the hardware store with your husband because he promised you a visit to the yarnshop immediately afterward.

You ignore the growling in your stomach and the whines of your family that they are hungry! to get to the yarnstore before it closes.

You answer every question in code: Knit one, slip one, pass slipped stitch over, knit four, slip two, cable front....

You have an expensive mp3 player that holds hundreds of hours of music, audiobooks, and video but it is playing knitting podcasts and Lucy Neatby videos.

You get excited over strangers' knitting challenges and knit dozens of mittens and socks in complicated patterns but your family gets plain vanilla yarn.

You willingly drive 100 miles to sit in a yarn store or bookstore awaiting a total stranger who is hours late because of fog and never complain because you are chatting with other total strangers about yarn and Options needle sets.

Words like Options, Addi Turbo, Bamboo, DPN's mean more to you than PTA, IRA, 401-K.

You worry about the rising cost of postage because it cuts into the amount of yarn you can order.

You willingly learn a foreign language so you can translate that amazing pattern. Japanese and Finnish are favorites.

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