Kin'you bi, Ichi, Juu ni gatsu

Why does a hobby become a race against time? Why does someone let the joy of creativity become an obsessive need to finish? There has to be some unbalance in my life. I like it that way. So letting the joy of knitting put me under pressure to produce must be one of my quirks. Good thing I like quirks.

This has been my recent week.

These mittens go with a hat (finished) and scarf (not even started) for the son. It will snow today so they will be appreciated. The sock(s) will be Christmas gifts for the sister. I found candy cane pins and Christmas lights buttons to make these socks festive.

Of course this is only the smallest portion of what is on the needles. And then there are the socks from h*!! that have been frogged for the sixth time. This particular yarn is over-the-top particular about patterning. When I am finished I may just bathe them in holy water (if I can find someone to make some for me) to take the curses off. 'Cause they are good and cursed (and cursed).

And the six sweaters that need finished (and started)? What sweaters? I don't see any sweaters.

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